Emergency care is costly and in some cases the outcome is the loss of a beloved part of your family.  Preventative care is a tool to help keep your exotic pet happy and healthy. Prey species hide their illness by design and once outward signs of illness are present the chances are the pet is critical and requires immediate attention.   The physical exam is the most vital part of preventative care and combined with species specific diagnostics screenings, we are able to determine overall health thus catching illness before it becomes a critical case.  Within normal limits exam and test results are something to celebrate and baseline normal’s help to serve as a guideline for future well and sick appointments.

Clients to sign up will be able to get their pet’s preventative care(Annual) with 25% down and the balance divided into 11 low monthly payments.NO enrollment fee and no finance charges.  Please  send us an email  or call our office for more information.


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