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  • Testimonial
    Melissa Fontelar,

    Thank you for answering all our questions and squeezing us into your schedule on such short notice. We were worried about our adopted cockatiel, Finn who is at least 15 years old and has never been to the vet! Good care and peace of mind is worth the money spent. Glad we have an avian vet in town!/Facebook

  • Testimonial
    Robert Drummond ,

    I'm totally impressed with this hospital for Birds and Rabbits and other small animals. The doctors and staff on hand is professional, caring, and helpful in every way. Awesome on the customer service, providing updates on the animal's condition and prognosis. Consider this place first!/Facebook

  • Testimonial
    Jayne Croasdale,

    So impressed with how Dr Stevenson handled our B&G macaw, Tiki and our U2, Lucy. They both didn't even know they were being examined. Absolutely no drama! The best vet we've been to. Sorry we live so far away in Naples./Facebook

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