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About us

THE EXOTIC BIRD HOSPITAL is dedicated to excellence in avian and exotic animal health care. The hospital opened its doors in 1995 with the purpose of providing full and expert veterinary services for birds. We also specialize in small mammals including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and mice.

Our Team

Our practice is staffed, designed and equipped for every avian and small mammal need, from a basic wellness exam and grooming to the most complicated and life saving surgery. Our veterinarians and support staff focus and specialize in avian and small mammal health, medicine, husbandry, and regularly enhance their skills and experience with cutting edge continuing education and training.


The hospital’s facilities are laid out and outfitted with the comfort and well being of our avian patients in mind. Our exam rooms, hospitalization units, in house laboratory, surgery suite, boarding facilities and product offerings are all for the birds. We are avian-centric!

our Patients

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Birds are able to hide symptoms of disease until problems are very advanced. Routine examinations make early detection possible.

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Small mammals are susceptible to many diseases. Causes range from infections to nutritional problems. Dental disease also occurs. Routine examinations are important in detecting and treating disease early in its course.

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Most problems arise as a result of improper husbandry, food, housing, sanitation, temperature, humidity, and lighting. Parasites and infections are common.

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Preventative care is a tool to help keep your exotic pet happy and healthy.
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  • Testimonial
    Melissa Fontelar,

    Thank you for answering all our questions and squeezing us into your schedule on such short notice. We were worried about our adopted cockatiel, Finn who is at least 15 years old and has never been to the vet! Good care and peace of mind is worth the money spent. Glad we have an avian vet in town!/Facebook

  • Testimonial
    Carla Riot Girrl-cia,

    I took my rabbit there with head tilt (moderate to mild) and she wasn't eating or going to the bathroom for 3 days. They took her in promptly and treated her like the little princess she is! The staff, vet assistants, and the vets were all so comforting, honest, and helpful! She is still taking her syringe feeding (I was shown how to force feed and it worked!) and eating on her own! The head tilt is now hardly noticeable and she is (dare I say) better than before!/Facebook

  • Testimonial
    Beth Ingoldsby- Kemble,

    Dr Shashy and the staff are awesome! They truly care about the critters 🙂 they have worked a miracle with our baby Stitch! ❤️❤️❤️/Facebook

  • Testimonial
    Robert Drummond ,

    I'm totally impressed with this hospital for Birds and Rabbits and other small animals. The doctors and staff on hand is professional, caring, and helpful in every way. Awesome on the customer service, providing updates on the animal's condition and prognosis. Consider this place first!/Facebook

  • Testimonial
    Jayne Croasdale,

    So impressed with how Dr Stevenson handled our B&G macaw, Tiki and our U2, Lucy. They both didn't even know they were being examined. Absolutely no drama! The best vet we've been to. Sorry we live so far away in Naples./Facebook

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If this is an Emergency, time is critical. Do not contact us by email. Please call the office 904.256.0043

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8820 Old Kings Road South
Jacksonville, FL 32257
Owner: Rhoda Stevenson
DVM, Dipl, ABVP Avian

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8-00 am - 6pm
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